Who We Are…

Renaber East Africa Limited is a player in the green energy sector, majoring in the sales, installation and service of Solar Photovoltaic [PV] Systems, whose market segments include;over the counter consumer devices, home owners, schools, hospitals, health clinics, rural off-grid electrification projects. The company’s current market coverage spans the whole of Kenya and parts of Uganda. We have intentions and plans to cover the entire East African region in the near future. 

Business Model

We are conscious and intentional about continuing to create, capture and deliver value for our customers – hence gaining traction in our market segments. In view of this our business model has elaborated on the various facets that form our business. These are: value proposition; product range and market segments; sourcing strategy; pricing strategy; marketing and promotion strategy; and staff/ management plan.

Market Potential for Solar PV Systems

Kenya has promising potential for power generation from renewable energy sources. According to a report by GET.invest in 2019, the country has high insolation rates, with an average of 5-7 peak sunshine hours and average daily insolation of 4-6 kWh/m2. 10-14% of this energy can be converted into electricity due to the dispersion and conversion efficiency of PV modules. The total potential for photovoltaic installations in Kenya is estimated at 23,046 TWh/year.

Our Mission

To enhance the dignity of life by providing customized, pocket-friendly solar energy solutions to all individuals and families

Our Vision

A dependable green energy partner for East Africa.

Our Core Values

1. Teamwork

Together we can

2. Reliability.

You can count on us…

3. Integrity

Our game is above board

4. Professionalism

We know our work.

Our Products and Services

We aim to bring high quality products and services to the clean energy sector that will enhance the livelihood and dignity of life for all our customers.