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Solar Home Systems

Our wide range of solar home systems give flexibility and quality lighting through our state of the art LEDs. These are a perfect solution for off-grid rural areas. Functionalities may include: phone charging, solar FM radio, solar TVs

Power Backup Solutions

Our customized power backup solutions offer protection against power disruptions, power fluctuations and annoying blackouts. We guarantee uninterrupted power supply for all your needs.

Grid Tied Solar Power Installations

We specialize in providing complete turn-key solutions for grid tied systems. Through our experienced engineers, we are able to design, procure and install all kinds of grid-tied systems.

Off-Grid Solar Installations

We offer customized off-grid solar power solutions ranging from 0.5KW and above based on the customers’ requirements. These off-grid solutions come with top of the range European standard equipment to guarantee sustainable and reliable power supply.

Solar Street Lights

Our solar street lights bring light everywhere from car parks, backyards, walkways to lighting streets. We guarantee quality and unmatched brightness with our German engineered solar street lights.

Solar Water Heaters

Our solar water heaters guarantee instant hot water for homes, institutions and hotels. With our water heaters, your hot water power cost will be reduced to a minimum.

Repair of Solar Equipment and Accessories

We provide repair, refurbishment and distribution service to all kinds of solar home systems companies, we also collect store and transport e-waste from these companies in environmentally safe manner and deliver them to recycling facilities either directly or through third party handlers.

Through our repair and refurbishment service, we help delay release of e-waste to the environment by ensuring the failed devices and products are given an extended lifespan. 

Through our services we help solar home systems and PAYGO companies manage their e-waste properly and also avoid unnecessary payment delays due to failed systems. Our back to back logistics network ensures the swap stocks are readily available as of when needed.

Servicing of Solar Systems

Dirt settling on your solar panels will rob you of the much desired efficiency. Through our well trained technicians, we offer professional servicing of solar systems. Our specialized panel cleaning equipment and materials deliver unmatched results that ensures your solar system is running at its optimum capacity.

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